About Jen

Mommy Buttons is the brain child of acclaimed children’s entertainer Jennifer Ellis. The app is available for iPhone and Android. Ellis lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband and two active boys, ages 10 and 8. She was inspired to create the Mommy Buttons app “after years of feeling like a broken record.” When she is not innovating new apps, you can find Jennifer performing in Cincinnati area venues for families and children of all ages (www.JenniferEllisMusic.com)

More About Jen

Jennifer EllisI was born at 7:07 a.m. on April Fool’s Day in 1975. That day I became a daughter to the woman I most look-up to in my world, my Mom. I also became a twin sister (1 minute later), as well as a younger sister to my incredibly amazing older sister (#1). During the years of my childhood, I developed my passion for music and became a Singer. In college, I became a Gator, a Computer Science Engineer, and an International Singer . After college, I became my husband’s Soul Mate (and he became mine) and we married in Atlanta, GA. The next decade of my life was filled with a suite case of incredible moments and memories including becoming a Pop Rock Singer in Los Angeles, a Jazz Singer in Atlanta, an expert Web Designer and Developer, a Programmer, a Technology Consultant, a Sky Diver, a Songwriter, a Recording Artist, an All-Star Whistler, a World Traveler, a Guitarist, and a Technical Instructor.

Then on November 22, 2003, I became a Mom, my most cherished title yet! Everything changed and little did I know I would never be the same person again. On March 16, 2006, I become… a real Mom (since everyone knows that having only one child is easy. Ha!) Then everything changed … again! I became a Care Taker, a Financial Manager, a CEO, an Accountant, a Nurse, a House Keeper, a Project Manager, a Chauffeur, a Social Coordinator, a Chef, a Cheerleader, a Family Therapist, a Teacher, a Spiritual Leader, a Researcher, a Lifeguard, a Daycare Provider, a Story Teller, a great Liar* (wink, wink… for every holiday, tradition, and growing milestone), a PTO Board Member, a Soccer Coach, a Travel Agent, a Seamstress, an Administrative Assistant, a Referee, etc, etc, etc - 24 hours a day. Yes! My favorite job has no days off but, without a doubt, I know that there is a time for everything in life and this is my time to be… a Mom.

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