Updated: Thursday, June 19 2014, 07:30 PM EDT

CINCINNATI (Sheila Gray) — Moms are stretched thin and there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. One mother got so tired of asking her kids to cooperate; she created an app to do it.

“I’m always saying the same things over and over.” Any parent can relate to this. How many times in a day do you tell the kids to do their homework or come to the table?

Jennifer Howell created the Mommy Buttons app. You can record your voice, and press the button. “Time to get dressed.”

The app has several pre-programmed buttons with all those things moms say or you can create your own. “When I’m saying it over and over, I don’t sound very nice either, but if it’s recorded, it sounds much nicer.”

Want to check how your kids are coming along on those chores you assigned them? “We actually have an app that we use here. It’s called My Job Chart.” Leslee Hatter uses the app to give her kids jobs around the house. “I get an email or text saying Samuel has completed his chores.  Emma has completed her morning chores.  That helps.”

Hitting the road for a summer trip?  There are apps for everything from car activities to finding a rest area.

Working Mother magazine likes the Pack & Go Delux app’s ready-made packing lists for all of the ages in your family. And the Mom Maps app lets you find family friendly places like restaurants and play areas when you’re out of town.

Jennifer’s already developed an update for Mommy Buttons, after she got requests for a sendable version of her app. “A grandparent who lives out of state, she wants to send her voice.”

So users can record and share buttons with instructions or just a comforting voice. Jennifer is working on a Daddy Buttons app too.

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