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Well-Known Children’s Entertainer Launches New App

Cincinnati, Ohio – Cincinnati-based children’s entertainer Jennifer Ellis is launching a new venture with release of her fun, family friendly app Mommy Buttons.

Like most busy mothers, Jennifer Ellis has grown accustomed to a life of multitasking. Ellis says she was inspired to create the app when she realized that she was repeating the same points to her children over and over. “I…

Mommy Buttons App is FINALLY here!

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I got the official email today that Apple accepted my NEW app. Yeah!!! It is available in the  Apple Store NOW! I’m soooo excited to share…

Now I guess you could say it is really official… Mommy Buttons app has a Facebook page. We welcome your videos and pictures, button suggestions, and ideas. We can’t wait to get to know you more. I’m hoping we can become a community of Moms looking to find a way to share a smile or joke to brighten our days. US TODAY!!

Old Spice Mom Commercial

The Today Show featured this commercial and it is hysterical. Creative marketing at it’s best. Too funny!

Mom eCards

So I was wondering WHERE does everyone get those super funny eeCards that they post on their Facebook page and timeline EVERY day? The classic photos of those perfect “Leave it to Beaver” Moms and then the quotes from today’s Millenial Moms… so funny.

Here’s the link:


What Does My Kid Say?

My son was in the school talent show this past January with 12 of his other 2nd & 3rd grade buddies dancing to… YES… “What does the fox say?” He was the Fox and their group stole the show. Everyone, especially me, LOVED them. So one evening after a rehearsal one of the Moms from our little group emailed me this link to this Ylvis Fox parody. I really can’t believe that someone re-wrote…

Mommy Song

This is the funniest Mom song ever. Anita Renfroe is so incredibly funny and talented. I would love to see her show live. If you haven’t seen this YouTube video yet, it’s a MUST SEE. If you’ve already seen it, then… you’ll probably want to see it again. Laugh-out-loud FUNNY!

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