Mommy Buttons App Description

Mommy Buttons is a customizable soundboard created for Moms by Moms! How many times a day do you say, “NO!” or “Don’t Run in the House” or “Be Careful”? Save your breathe! Record your voice and click your new Mommy buttons today (and EVERY day). It’s FUN and instant. This app will keep you and your family entertained for hours, and who knows…the kids just might LISTEN this time.

Spanish Translation: Mommy Buttons es una botonera personalizable, creada ¡por mamás, para mamás! ¿Cuántas veces al día dice: “No”, “No corras en la casa” o “Ten cuidado”? Ahórrese las molestias. Grabe su voz y apriete (puede usarse “cliquee” o “use”) el nuevo Mommy Buttons, hoy y todos los días. Es divertido e instantáneo. Esta aplicación la mantendrá a usted y a su familia entretenidos durante horas, y quién sabe… quizá los niños escuchen esta vez.

7 default buttons with pre-recorded audio examples.

Want to hear the default buttons? Click here to listen… or giggle. This could be your voice. I know, I know… too nice, right? Well, let’s just say these default audio files sound much sweeter than my every-day-broken-record voice.

“Don’t touch that!”


“Don’t run in the house!”

“Be careful”

“Because I said so”

“1… 2… 3!”

“Say Thank You”

7 buttons to personalize and record your own voice.

Mommy ButtonsEasily tap microphone graphic next to the button you’d like to customize. Then tap the large microphone graphic in the center to start and stop recording of your voice and click ‘save’.

Make sure you turn up your media button to get the full effect.

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