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Like most Moms, I get tired of saying the same things over and over to my kids. Don’t you? I just want them to listen. I’ve always said “If I could make the fingers on my hands… buttons, I would press them for all the many things I say over and over.” Here are some button ideas for you and your Mommy Button app. What do you find yourself repeating the most? We would LOVE to add your button suggestions. Please use the form below.

Mommy ButtonsButton Suggestions

  • No!
  • Don’t run in the house
  • 1… 2… 3!
  • Be careful
  • Because I said so
  • Don’t touch that
  • Say Thank You
  • Stop picking on your brother
  • How did you get so tall?
  • It’s time to get up
  • Eat more
  • Just eat
  • Inside voices
  • Don’t jump on that
  • Be patient
  • Close the door
  • Stop yelling
  • Pay attention
  • Put on your shoes
  • Do you have enough money?
  • Leave your sister alone
  • No more electronics
  • It’s quiet time
  • I love you

What do you find yourself repeating the most?

Share your Mommy Buttons with us and they will be added to our ever growing list. Thanks for your support!.

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