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Well-Known Children’s Entertainer Launches New App

Cincinnati, Ohio – Cincinnati-based children’s entertainer Jennifer Ellis is launching a new venture with release of her fun, family friendly app Mommy Buttons.

Like most busy mothers, Jennifer Ellis has grown accustomed to a life of multitasking. Ellis says she was inspired to create the app when she realized that she was repeating the same points to her children over and over. “I think most moms can relate to feeling like a broken record,” she says. “Mommy Buttons lets you save your breath.”

The idea behind Mommy Buttons is fairly simple. The app allows any busy mother to record her own voice giving those friendly parenting reminders moms find themselves repeating throughout the day—anything from “Don’t run in the house,” to “Do your homework,” “Eat your vegetables,” or just plain “No.”

The app (published under Jennifer’s married name, Jennifer Howell) offers more than just a fun reminder—for some kids, it offers a chance to connect to a parent away from home, says Christine Lester of Port St. Luice, Florida. ­“I put Mommy Buttons on my kids’ phones so they can hear my voice when they are away from home. It’s an ideal app for dual-household families, or parents who travel.”

Of course, for other moms, the app is a silly, fun way to make sure the kids brush their teeth and finish their chores. However you use it, it promises a change from the ordinary.

As a singer-songwriter, Jennifer Ellis has written and recorded several pop/rock, jazz, and children’s recordings, and has drawn crowds coast to coast. Although it may seem unusual for a singer-songwriter to delve into the world of app creation, for Ellis, it is a natural progression. Unbeknownst to most of her young fans, Ellis actually holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Florida, where she also minored in music.

There is good reason to believe Mommy Buttons will become a new best friend to moms. According to Verizon Wireless, today’s moms are savvier than ever: For moms who are constantly on the go and juggling family and career, utilizing mobile technology can make all the difference in the world., Moms – Taking Advantage of Mobile Technology – 01.16.2014. For more information about Mommy Buttons, please visit

ABOUT MOMMY BUTTONS – Mommy Buttons is the brain child of acclaimed children’s entertainer Jennifer Ellis. The app is available for iPhone and Android. Ellis lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband and two active boys, ages 10 and 8. She was inspired to create the Mommy Buttons app “after years of feeling like a broken record.” When she is not innovating new apps, you can find Jennifer performing in Cincinnati area venues for families and children of all ages.

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Customer Reviews

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So fun!

by Sgwithers

“What a great app! I even put this on my kids’ phones so they can hear me say things like “goodnight”, “I love you” & “don’t forget to floss”. They will love this when they are sleeping over at a friends house & they just want to hear my voice. This is great! Thank you!”


by EHSoccer22

“I love this app because it’s very simpletic yet at the same time I can tell my kids to do what their suppost to do. GREAT WORK!”

So hilarious!

by ElegantMedina

“I couldn’t stop laughing. All my family loves this app.”


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