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The Mommy Buttons video challenge is simple. Catch your Mom or someone else on video using the Mommy Buttons App. Upload it to our site here or upload it to YouTube & send us the YouTube link so that we can share it with everyone on our site and Facebook fan page.  Your video may be used for our world-wide web commercial coming soon, and who knows… your video may be featured in our Super Bowl commercial… one day!


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Rules & Restrictions:

  • The Mommy Buttons Video Challenge is FREE to submit your video to.
  • Anyone 18+ can participate, including international users
  • Videos should portray how fun it is to use your Mommy Buttons app
  • Video uploads to can not be longer than 2 minutes or 32 MB.
  • Video submissions must comply with YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Submissions which don’t comply will not be posted on our website or referenced to on our Facebook fan page
  • Videos must not be unlawful, harmful or degrading
  • Video, graphics and/or music must all original (Creator must own the rights)
  • YouTube is not a sponsor of this content

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